What’s Next? - Life and Health Insurance Product Development Beyond COVID-19
What’s Next? - Life and Health Insurance Product Development Beyond COVID-19
What’s Next? - Life and Health Insurance Product Development Beyond COVID-19
19 October 2022 Virtual Seminar via Zoom
Spaces Available
CPD Hour(s): 1
CPD Hour(s): 1

The COVID-19 pandemic forced rapid adaptation and created a fast-moving environment throughout the life and health insurance industry, accelerating innovation and new product development trends around the world. While some innovations are only temporary, some are likely to stay.

Lockdown measures disrupted the industry’s normal operations – restricting face-to-face meetings between advisors and clients, limiting the ability to sell fully-underwritten insurance (as paramedical exams and labs were no longer available), and causing an economic downturn and reduced consumer spending.

From an insurance product development and innovation standpoint, a few major changes occurred that, based on proven success and business needs in certain markets, are expected to remain and expand to a wider audience. These changes include modification to risk selection criteria to maintain new business volumes, adaptation of traditional advisor-led distribution, and successful introduction of new and diversified distribution models. In addition, there is growing interest in maximizing both the value of in-force through cross-selling and upselling, as well as recognition of the inherent value in existing customer bases.

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